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Week three, 2 of 3 06/24/14

Write a 10 (15)-word love story

Parents and their kids walking together, on La Bestia, through el desierto, siempre holding hands.

dedicated to the children and parents held in detention centers right now.

Week 3 1/3  06/24/14 
Use a stamp made out of potato or sponge and use it on your work

I was really angry when I found out about Monsanto’s abuses in Mexican farmers and their corn. I’ve never farmed corn, it was just knowing that corn is such an important part of many of our indigenous cultures and for an awful company like Monsanto to extend their claws all over this felt like a violation.
After some thought, I am going to switch my project to three projects per week instead of daily, want to dedicate some time to other projects right now. Like coding,data, and getting back in the community. I might doodle ideas for days when I don’t do a project and posting them maybe :). Not quitting!
Media: tempera, marker pen

Day 1706/21/2014
Make something inspired by/to use over an eye
This one just popped up to me. I had been using the thicker wire used here as a wireframe for other knitted-stuffed-tubes projects that didn’t really take hold. I remembered this self-taught African artist who makes incredible freaking futuristic face masks from metal scraps (I feel bad for not remembering specific country,oops). I thought de las mascaras Michoacanas of devils, and a little of Maleficent too :3

Im waay behind 😓

Day 1506/20/14

Use a dollar bill in your work

Had to origami it. The anatomy’s not correct at all but wanted to do it nonetheless.

Started off by folding a complex cat with a very old bill, which was my second lesson this week in “maybe you should start with something simple when you have zero experience in this medium” :P.

I’ve noticed I almost got on the same train of thought this past week of seeing these prompts, these small pieces as a habit, as an “I have to get this and that done” like doing homework for classes for the grade (a.k.a. an arbitrary factor) and not for its own value.

Catching myself and leaving that thought process, cause I’m doing this for myself with zero boxes :)

Day 14 06/19/14

Make something microscopic, do you need a microscope or maginifier to see it?

Lol, no. I don’t have the tools to make something super tiny, and decided to go for this tiny sketchbook instead. This one took some trial and error as well but I liked how simple it is. I might write one sentence poems in it o algo :).

Day 13 06/18/14

Use tea bags, tea leaves, or liquid tea to make something today.

"Hierbabuena & Manzanilla" Media: tea, markers

This tea combination has always been a go-to remedio casero in mi mexican familia for stomach aches and has a special place in my memories :)

To be honest, the project has gotten more difficult. First off, the thought of using tea bags seemed strange, I had never heard of art using this! Shoulda known better cause we can make anything out of anything really. Found some cool inspiration on pinterest, buuut..

Fue mucho trial and error, started off doing something completely different, and after working on it for a couple of hours threw it away because it felt like it was more getting in the way  than anything. Put it on hold for a couple of days too. So basically… I’m noticing the box I’ve put my creative process/art in and leaving it is my challenge these days…

Ya veremos

Day 12 06/17/14

Camouflage: make something that disappears, fades, merges into its background

"Assimilation (into whiteness)" Digital paint, 2014

This piece is meant to be a representation of what assimilation into US’s mainstream (white) culture feels. An assimilation into a foreign consciousness eating away parts of ourselves, where it seems que nothing but our guts and feelings say it’s insane.

First digital paint in the project! Not really a full piece, but it’s what I churned out in a day. I used Mischief for this, not a pirated one for sureee. There might be a second part coming, the waking up bit.

Inspired by past experience, present unlearning. Also been feeling something shifting in the past few days…

Day 11 06/16/14
Use your nondominant hand (in my case my left) to make something with a media you’re comfortable using
I was inspired by a photo seen on here de una Mexicana con ropa oaxaqueña (creo). I screwed up a few times too as the incorrect anatomy tells y’all but it’s damn liberating to let go of the control. Tried to adapt and work with the half squiggles 😓

Flowing, not bilingual

Day 10 06/15/14

Use water as your media/inspiration in your work.

Another poem! I had the thoughts of writing one about being genderfluid and comparing it to “language fluid” but still trying to find the words for the queerdom. Incorporating inspiration from water as a fluid, as something that travels and mixes with other materials. 

As if the different languages in our minds
were solidly separados uno del otro,
like our “smart” phones and computers 
remind us con sus red squiggly lines
that you can only stick to 
one language
at a time,
prendiendóse y apagándose 
at different times of the day
and void of political, social implications.

Standard English as logical, 
the one I’ve learned
to be understood,
to be “seen”
The one learned by necessity

erasing my accent to assimilate
blend-in, fade away.
Mientras el Español turned into a parentheses
to use around my family alone.
El language con el que primero asocié
mi conexión con 
el mundo a mi alrededor,
the language I feel with.

Pero tu ves, they’re not compartmentalized,
they’re not two, not always separate,
sometimes están unidos,
cause in this country we need them all.
Needing to survive flowing in the space between them.

Lo hacemos ours
into Spanglish, to fight back
cause our words are essential
to nuestra realidad…
Its English part no longer used to
erase our difference,
whitewash myself,
but instead another part
that accentuates 
the nuances.

has no space for the languages
that we don’t know, yet
tienen parte de nosotros en ellos,
have part of our past in them
que nuestras abuelas, nuestros ancestros
couldn’t teach us
because the blades of
the Spanish Casta System
are still sharp:

- Mel Beltrán, 2014

Finally caught up, yay!

Day 9 06/14/12

Make something with your breakfast before eating it (or something like that).

From a house made of toast with a roof of nutella and strawberry jam, and plátanos for windows, into a wannabe-squid.

Media: food